The BIG Lesson
in the time of COVID

School is back in session after one of the most tumultuous several months in recent history. And whether you're teaching in person, online, or a combination thereof, teaching and learning most certainly looks differently this year.

One thing that remains the same: Here at Annie’s BIG Nature Lesson, we’re all about experiencing the wonder of nature and the outdoors!

Although our programming, too, looks different for now, we would like to provide some fun and educational activities to get kids and their caregivers outdoors and learning. 

See below for a collection of lessons by reWired teachers, resources, and ideas for a school year unlike any other!


Lessons and Videos from ReWired Teachers

If you've been missing our fabulous ReWireds lately, fear not: they have been busy preparing lessons and videos to share with you and your students so you can be connected, even at a distance.

Bees and Pollination
with Cathie Wood

Welcome to my Aviary! In this video, Cathie shows students her aviary.

Tree Identification
with Ruth Pearson

Here is a video in which Ruth identifies trees.

Animal Habitats
with Jill Tribell

Jill teaches about animal habitats

Properties of Water
with Dave Beutel

Dave teaches about the properties of water.


Education Resources

Natural and Historical Resources Education Resources for Home

Project Wild—Remote Learning

WILD Learning Lab series, ideas for adaptations for remote learning, lesson plans, book lists, and resources galore.

Provides lessons, resources, and activities for teachers of grades 3-12, whether virtually or in person.

Green Schoolyards America

Covid-19 Outdoor Learning Initiative provides guidance about incorporating outdoor learning at school.

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