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The BIG Lesson Team

Together with teachers and community experts, we work to make The BIG Lesson week a powerful learning experience for everyone involved. We're excited to connect with you!


Margaret Holtschlag

Founder and Program Director

Margaret Holtschlag teams up with Michigan's Capital Area teachers and community places for place-based learning and stewardship. Margaret is founder and director of the BIG Lesson Programs (history, zoo, nature, science), and was Michigan Teacher of the Year 2000.

Lessons: Discovery Walk; Observation Activities; 6-Part Description


Kati Adams

Finance Manager

Born and raised in Munising, MI, and back and forth from Colorado after that, Kati Adams has been with ABNL for the long haul during her almost-20 year time working at Harris Nature Center. About ABNL, Kati says, “I love seeing children with a new appreciation for nature, who just want that experience to continue.” Kati wears about a thousand hats for ABNL: handling the oh-so-important numbers end of things for ABNL, as well as supporting teachers writing lesson plans and being onsite for naturalist demonstrations.


Kristen Finkbeiner

Communications Manager

As a 17-and-counting year high school English teacher, Kristen is following her joy by telling the story of all the great things that happen at Annie's BIG Nature Lesson. She connects people through the blog, website, social media, newsletters, annual report, and other platforms.

Meet the Team: Meet the Team

ReWired Teachers

The integral work of The BIG Lesson is possible through the dedication and overall phenomenal-ness of a group of retired, now ReWired, teachers. They provide a wealth of experience and knowledge about teaching and the natural world.


Roseann Dailey

Bath School District

Site coordinator

Jill Tribell.JPG

Jill Tribell

Holt School District

Cathie Wood..jpg

Cathie Wood

Bath School District

Meet the Team: Grants
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